We use a traditional timber-framed construction method. This is a highly durable, strong and versatile building process.

At Gecko Garden Studios Ltd we pride ourselves in our superior construction techniques. Our Garden Studios are built to the highest specification guaranteeing a solid, well-insulated building that will last a lifetime.

Our Studios are created with ‘breathing walls’, ventilated roofs and damp-proofing membranes, just like those you would find in a modern timber-framed house in other parts of the World. They have Fully insulated walls for year-round use.

Please Note: We DO NOT USE SIP panels. We build our Garden Studios using Traditional methods. Whilst SIPs do offer slightly improved insulation U-Values, they are sealed boxes which do not breathe effectively. 


We Design and Construct each build to be individual and unlike any of our other constructions. A very Bespoke and tailored service with genuine high levels of craftsmanship. We use a large variety of materials reclaimed or new, with our main emphasis on Design, Strength, Originality and Style.

Please contact us to discuss your ambitions and desires in creating a beautiful one-off garden Studio Creation.

A very Bespoke and tailored service.

A: Exterior Cladding

B: Treated Battons

C: Waterproof Membrane

D: OSB board (Oriented Strand Board)

E: Timber UC4 triple treated PAR joists at 6x2”

F: Celotex Insulation

G: Gypsom Plaster Board & Plaster finish

Genuine high levels of craftsmanship

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